Annemiek van der Kuil

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Photo by Saskia Aukema 

Are you looking for a professional photographer who can make casual, spontaneous and relaxed (group) portraits, the right profile picture to use in social media? Or you need photographic impressions of events such as business meetings, creative performances and festive parties. Or are you looking for fitting footage for your website, brochure, (annual) report or magazine or documentary editorials? Maybe you would like beautiful pictures on your wall at home or at work, or original photo cards and calendars?
I am more than happy to make these photos for you. Please contact me to discuss the possibilites and the costs.

I am a people photographer. My openess and involvement are reflected in my photography. I make people feel at ease when I ‘m around them with my camera. And by using mainly natural light my photos look natural and honest .

The compositions of life keep surprising me. People + places = millions of different situations, emotions and moments in time. And then it’s a matter of seeing it and being able to capture it at the right moment.

I am an autodidact. Spending lots of time in the dark room, taking various courses, workshops and  through collaboration with other photographers  I gained my expertise. My specialities are portrait, street and travel photography with a preference for black / white photography.

In 2003 the magazine Photography devoted an article to my photography and in 2010 I was awarded the Dutch urban photographer of the year by CBRE. See also Expo.

With my photography
I love to be surprised
by the compositions of life

You can stay up-to-date of my recent work and activies on my public Facebook page.